How I Organize My Blogging Schedule

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I’ve seen a lot of bloggers posting lately about how they keep on top of their blogging schedule, so I thought I’d share as well.

Up front, know that I’m writing this post in October. It’s going to be scheduled after a brief break in November after I post my October Wrap-Up and November TBR. I know this, because I’m going to use the scheduling option for my blog post.

My posting schedule varies throughout the year. For the most part, over winter and summer break I post at least once a day between Monday and Friday. That means I write near 20 posts a month at maximum. It sounds like a lot. But know that I do these in little increments during the previous month, so really it’s only a few posts a day since I schedule them out so far in advance.

But during the school year, or even when work is getting busier, I drop down to 2 posts a week. Right now, I’m on two posts a week. But I still schedule these posts out a good month in advance. And keeping at least 2 days free, helps me to post and schedule timely content when things pop up. Like when John Green announced a new book, or hey OMG I GOT MARRIED!

Personally, I prefer the lower schedule, if only because I have space to post reviews more freely (and also it’s a lot less work, obviously).

Blogging Content


I keep a running list of ideas so that I can pull some bulkier image heavy posts if I need to. I especially do this when things get busy (like around school or the holidays). But one thing that really helps is my happy planner. I’m a little addicted to the thing.

I keep track of book release dates for reviews and movies that are coming out and ideas for posts in it.

Plus, then I have a calendar with my posts on it and if I move them I can always move them in my planner. It’s pretty handy.


Reading and Reviewing

Working, going to school, and generally just being alive means being busy. I double dip whenever possible. I need to read 10 books a month for my MFA, but I’m also getting my MFA in writing for Children and YA, you know, the things I blog about, so I tend to use my ARCs on my bibliography.

Since I try to keep my blog current, I don’t often review books that I read for school. I used to – but I get a better return on new and upcoming titles.

I actually keep track of my review titles on my google calendar. When I request books I do so almost half a year in advance. So I plug an all day event into my calendar and set up notifications for

  • 2 months
  • 1 month
  • 2 weeks
  • 1 week
  • 1 day

So that I know that A: I need to read this book and B: I need to type up and schedule my review if I have not done both already. If I have, I delete the notifications but I keep the event just for the reminder.

I find it especially helpful for the releases that I have more than six months for.

Writing and Blogging

Sitting down to the computer to write or blog takes time. I have to block out time for it and tell people to leave me alone.

Blogging takes up less time, since I tend to write about about 500-700 word posts and then schedule them out. I usually spend every few Sundays drafting posts and scheduling them.

Writing on the other hand-I quarantine myself somewhere. I have to. Between people, pets, and the internet, I’m just too distracted. Since I work (as do most people), my notes happen at my desk and my full on writing happens in scheduled intervals.

I find for writing, that setting dates to have scenes done by really helps. I use to help map out when I can get a set number of words done. It really helps to make it not feel so stressful.


One thought on “How I Organize My Blogging Schedule

  1. This was such a great read! I too am constantly trying to figure out the best way to schedule posts. Finding the time to work on book reviews is challenging especially when you are on a deadline to get your review ready prior to its release. Thanks for the info!


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