September Wrap-Up

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In my personal life…

In just 18 days, I’m getting MARRIED! And that is insane. As is all the work we still have left to do for it. The dresses are in, the suits have been purchased, the caterer has been paid, the baker too, and even the hall is paid up. We still need to meet with the Pastor to just go over some last minute details and figure out the girls’ hair all of which seems like life or death.

Having a few anxiety disorders on top of this certainly is not helping. I’ve had more than my fair share of panic attacks this last month which has absolutely effected my schoolwork.

In my writing life…

I fixed 20 pages and wrote 20 more, but I’m really stuck in my current WIP. I blame the wedding, but I also don’t blame the wedding because I’ve been stuck for a pretty long time.

I didn’t actually complete my packet this month. Specifically, I didn’t write my craft paper. I’m not totally sure what to write it on. I’m supposed to bring it up from issues in my own work but my issues with my work don’t feel writing related.

Maybe I’ll address multigenre pieces and how they add a level of interaction to the piece. I mean they do right. I actually love multigenre things and interactive new media campaigns. Does anyone remember the Dark Knight campaign? You could call up Domino’s Pizza and they’d answer Gotham City Pizza, all the social accounts and web pages slowly became “Joker-ized” as it got closer to release date, and even the commercials started having the Joker fuzz his way through to deliver a special message. That’s amazing! It gives it a real world feel.

Heck, even some books have done. A.V Geiger’s Follow me Back (which I didn’t completely enjoy) has the Twitter accounts used in the book. I think I’ve inadvertently found my craft paper topic.

In my reading life…

I have read so many books thus far this year. I’ve read 82 of the 50 I pledged in my GoodReads challenge. 82. And I will probably double that by the time the year is over.

ARCs I’ve Requested/Been Approved For

On the blog…

I’ve also set up 25 Days of BookRecs for December to autopost while I take a true vacation from the blog. I still need to fill up November though so feel free to tag me in some BookTags!

My September Reviews


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