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The semester is here! I’m hoping to write an entire piece by December so that I can have it query ready by next semester. I’ve got about 15k of it done at this point in time and so long as I keep with my schedule (thanks Pacemaker.Plus) I should finish on time. When I look at like 500 words every few days, it certainly feels doable, especially since sometimes I have days where I write a few thousand words.

Right now, I’m noticing that I’ve flown through my outline and I’ve already drafted up to what I think my climax should be. So I’m probably going to change my climax while I unpack the rest of these scenes.

Wish me luck!

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  1. Erghhh. I definitely need a physical calendar. Otherwise, I just don’t write. I need to kick my butt into action. Thanks for the writing inspo!

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