Why is writing so hard?

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I sat down at the laundromat today, opened my laptop, intended to work on my new book, and wound up spending an hour changing the font on my blog.

I wrote out an outline for this piece while I was at residency and I’m roughly halfway through the outline and I only have about 14k words. Obviously there is plenty of room to unpack this story more.

I’m wondering though, if I should unpack from what I have or if I should be adding to the story overall. Maybe I flew to this point in the the story because it’s not really the climax but just a climax in Act I.

I like the flow and pacing of this first part–but I’m also incredibly biased about it.

Ugh! Why is writing so hard!?

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2 thoughts on “Why is writing so hard?

  1. Writing is definitely a struggle! But if it wasn’t everyone would do it! I myself always find that I am short on words. Nothing I write is ever as long as I need it to be… except for essays… in which I usually overshoot my word count and then have to spend forever editing. Why can’t we just catch a break!?


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