July Wrap Up

Blog Features & HeadersIn my personal life…

School starts this week which means I’m at residency. I’m actually sitting in the airport waiting for my currently delayed flight, but whatever. A lot of things are getting done for the wedding! Kiel picked out his tux and styles for his groomsmen, our gift for our guests came in, my shoes came in. It’s getting real everybody!

In my writing life…

I made it jut a little over halfway through a rewrite of my old MS and about 10k of the way through a new piece. I’ve also started a new middle grade MS that I’m hoping to pursue alongside my newer YA piece this semester. We’ll see how long that lasts since I’m getting hitched halfway through the semester.

In my reading life…

I’ve definitely had a slow month reading wise. I’m picking up more middle grade since I want to explore that more and hone in a good middle grade voice.

ARCs I’ve Requested/Been Approved For

On the blog…

I’ve already started posting less since school is back in swing. But I’ve tried to remain active for comments and likes since that’s what helps keep me visible. I feel like it’s been forever since I’ve done a book tag or a weekly other than Bring Your Own Book (which is fun so you guys should comment so I can tag you!) and I feel like I should stock up.

My July Reviews


Little Monsters by Kara Thomas

The Gallery of Unfinished Girls by Lauren Karcz


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  1. I love the cover of Little Monsters! Hopefully you’ll enjoy the ARCs and other middle grade books! I loved the Charlie Bone series when I was younger, it was Harry Potter-esque 🙂


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