A Little Hiatus

Blog Features & Headers.pngSchool starts for me in T-minus one week. Holy crap. So I’ll be off the MTWRF schedule that I’ve held for the Summer. I will hopefully, keep to a Tuesday/Thursday schedule. I’m pursuing my MFA, so I’ll still be reading and reviewing but weekly posts may be scarce here for a bit. Still cannot believe I’m in an MFA program.

I thought I’d make more progress on my manuscript this summer but I only managed to rewrite 150 pages. There’s just 100 left to go for the one I have completed, but 40,000 words left on the MS I’m working on. And that’s just my YA work. I also have this middle grade piece that I want to explore but I don’t want to spread myself thin when I’ve got two big critical papers to write this semester.

I know that I want to explore narrative design in video games and how it relates to YA. Last semester I wrote a really cool piece on how and when multiple points of view were appropriate for a piece. I might further explore that OR take on one of the many tropes that people have added to my ever growing list.


We got our workshop pieces to critique and I was wondering what your LEAST favorite tropes in YA are. Leave them in the comments. My goal is to have a big list by the time our first workshop hits. I also have a master list post that some people have already contributed to, which you can find here.

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