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Summer Writing Goals

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Summer is here! Officially! And it’s hot to trot!

I have some goals this summer and they pertain mostly to my manuscript. During the semester I came to the… terrible… realization that the entire completed manuscript was from the wrong point of view.

So I put it away and said I’d get to it this summer. So far I’ve made some good progress. I’m over 100 pages, I’m almost at the halfway mark, and I’m learning that this girl is a psychopath with a big ol’ heart.

I’ve been using Pacemaker.Plus to help set and track my goals. It’s pretty cool. You can view your work however you want and set how you want to track that. I like the calendar view (which you can download and add to any calendar).

The green squares are days I’ve gotten writing done, and the blue squares are the goals for those days. Some days are pretty low, some are high. But I find having the schedule like this helps to alleviate the stress of trying to write everyday. I can get ahead of this goal or catch up to it.


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