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BookedAllNight.pngMy friend Magdalyn Ann and I are starting a new podcast! We’re excited. Our first episode goes out Thursday at 11pm. It’s a late night YA discussion cast and yes, it is explicit, we have terrible mouths, no filters, and a relatively high unwillingness to edit out the profanity anymore.

You can find the podcast over at Booked All Night. I hope you listen! It’s a good time! And don’t forget to subscribe! We’ll be adding it to iTunes and GooglePlay as soon as we have an episode up!

I’m hoping to bring a few book tags and adopt them for the podcast, and have a few buddy read discussions as well.

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    1. We used to do another one on our old site but I don’t so much time editing out our language that we eventually stopped lol. Now I just don’t give a shit. And may I recommend the app? It’s pretty straight forward. Otherwise you can totes listen at Booked All Night.

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