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The End of the Birds

Months ago, my co-admin and I at decided to just let the site go.

Yesterday, the domain officially expired.

We’ve spent three years pouring our hearts into it spiked and crashed hard. We’re not going to stop reviewing or blogging though. We’ve already created a new website.

It’s just hard to let it go.

Through the year I’ve been slowly dismantling it. Downloading and backing up reviews and interviews to take with us and deciding to leave everything else to the ether of the internet.

I canceled our RedBubble store and moved all of the designs I created into my own account.

We used the remainder of the paypal account to buy the new domain and account.

And then we tried really hard not to cry. taught me how to code better. To be a better leader. To manage my time. To branch out and be comfortable with meeting new people. It taught me to analyze books better for review and not just call them trash (something I still see many reviewers doing). It taught me about social media and how time consuming that can be. It helped me perfect my graphic design skills.

And I’m sad to see it go.

But I’m excited to move on.


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