Guys, I got a kitten!

This story starts off pretty sad. On Wednesday, we found a box of kittens by the dumpster where I work. We brought them in from the heat, actually opened the can of food that had been left in the box, and gave them each a wash down since they were covered in their own feces. The secretary called for animal control to come pick them up, but I didn’t want them to go to a shelter. Although, two of them did.

While I washed the smallest one, he kept staring at me. So I send a bunch of pictures of him to fiancΓ© and begged to bring him home. Truth be told I almost cried. We had a cat at work who had a whole litter in the wall and we struggled to find homes for them-I can’t stand the idea of homeless pets.

And so I brought Plumpkin home. Not a typo. We named him Plumpkin. Because he’s a plump little pumpkin. And I’m so giddy about my new adorable little cuddle buddy, I thought I’d introduce you guys to the reasons I don’t get work done.

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