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I created the Best Book Buddy Tag to showcase the friendships I’ve made by blogging. I’m just starting to really connect to other bloggers, but some of them I know IRL and we fangirl like no tomorrow. This is one such friend/blogger/reviewer. Feel free to take this tag and showcase your best friendships to show everyone the strength of the book blogger community!

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Magdalyn Ann

Maggie and I have known each other for three years now. Which is crazy because it seems a lot longer than that. We met in an intro level undergraduate course that neither of us wanted to take. She screamed at me actually.

I was the captain of the archery team and she hadn’t noticed that I was the Jessica who kept posting the Facebook group.

“You’re THAT Jess!?” Has been a staple between us ever since.

We have had many, many noodles since then. Because Maggie likes noodles. The only thing I knew about her for a little bit. But over noodles, and not so quiet whispers at the back (and front) of classrooms we’ve come to be even closer.

One of the first books that Maggie and I got into at the same time, is Red Queen by Victoria Aveyard. had shared the first seven or so chapters for it after advertising the crap out of it on our feeds.

I read it. She read it. We both pre-ordered. We ate it up and couldn’t stop talking about it to each other and we’ve only gotten worse-er-better.

Now we both review books at BookedAllNight and also on our personal blogs (hers is And the greatest thing about reviewing together is finding books to recommend to the other.

I’m science fiction, she’s fantasy, but we’re really just two sides of the same genre. And I grow every day that I know her.

Books I’ve Made Her Read

Books She’s Made Me Read

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  1. Awww ❤ Love you lady! I'm gonna have to get to making one of these when I'm done with all my school work!

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  2. Aw this is so sweet! ❤ It's so great, connecting and making friendships in the blogging community. Makes everything ten times better! (Also your blog is lovely and totally not too much pink! I love its look. <3)

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