Writing Day!

Maggie came down for school this past weekend so we took a little trip to Saxby’s and did a little writing. I didn’t really enjoy my latte there and I’ll probably go back to Starbucks next time.

Does any one else feel like they write better when they aren’t home? I think it’s weird. There are so many distractions at a coffee house, at a Panera, a diner, wherever, but I’m less distracted there than I am at home.

I mean… no one is barking at me out in public, but home is more relaxing. So relaxing, in fact, that I don’t get any writing done there.

My mentor for the semester Pablo Cartaya ( #namedropping ) told me to just write my scenes as they came to me. Not in any order, no outlining allowed, no planning of any kind. So I have sixteen un-connected scenes for a new piece right now. But, now I’m looking at them…


Writing the first few scenes willy nilly was fine. I was exploring the setting, the characters, the world, and that’s all good-but the more I wrote, the more I needed some direction. It’s like being in the car and heading somewhere. When you leave your house you probably know where you’re going but at a certain point someone needs to tell you to make a left turn.

So now, NOW, I need an outline. I think that will be my goal this week. Make a short outline and figure some things out. At least for the first act. A lot of the scenes I wrote were endgame. My main character finding out the big secret, my MC changing, my MC putting pieces together.

But you know as well as I do… something happens before that. And right now I’m not exactly sure what that is.

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