Of Course I’m a Writer

My fiance and I were talking the other day about activities we did as a child and I, predictably, had mentioned that I used to do whatever it was we were talking about. At which he started laughing his ass off.

“Of course you did.”

And on some level he’s right. I used to do a lot of activities. I had a very activity filled childhood. Soccer, softball, karate, horseback riding, choir, theater, summer camps, canoeing and camping trips, skateboarding, ice skating, tennis, track, field, color guard, ballroom dancing, the list goes on…

…and on.

And I was thinking about that today – is it any wonder I eventually came around to writing? Look at all the things I get to experience in writing! I get to explore and create worlds, use past and present experiences, combine activities in a way I can’t in my life off the page.

I can describe riding a unicorn because I’ve ridden a horse. I can describe the way a lab smells and sounds because I used to go to one every weekend while my mother worked in pharmaceuticals. As an archer, should I jump on the growing trend of archers in fiction, I can accurately describe the process and the soreness in the muscles as my character draws her bow and holds a shot for an unnatural amount of time.

Thinking about how my childhood connected to my adulthood really just set me up in a good mood and I thought I’d share with everyone.


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