New Designs!

So I obviously have no shame about my self promotion for my other site But I wanted to let everyone see all the adorable designs we have up for all you booknerds. Every purchase helps us keep the site going and will help us move at the end of the year. And there are plenty more designs to come!

There are many ways to help keep the book love going. You can buy your next book or even pre-order it through our amazon affiliation (and maybe even save money doing so), donate directly to our paypal, or shop in our store!

Just One More Chapter...

One More Chapter

You’ve said it enough to yourself and others why not wear it or hang it on the wall?

Bookish Media Professional

Bookish Media Professional

Are you a Booklr? Bookstagrammer? BookTuber? Looking for the “all of the above” option? Well here it is-and hey-don’t despair if you aren’t into all of them. We also have designs featuring your little niche of the woods.

Read More Books

Read More Books

We think this one is pretty self explanatory. Plus, it’s super cute and looks adorable as an accessory!


R . E . A . D .

It’s so simply and so decorative. Could you imagine having this clock in your room? “Oh, my, would you look at the time” can finally work as the perfect excuse for people to leave you to your reading!

...and oh-hey-look-the-sun-is-up stories...

I Read Bedtime Stories

…and “oh look the sun is up” stories. Don’t we all? This would go great with that One More Chapter design.

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