Round Robin is 3!

Holy crap, I can’t believe it. Round Robin Writes is turning 3 yrs old on Wednesday. Just–what? I’ve been working on that blog for 3 years now?

And so much has happened in that time too. I mean forget all I’ve learned out here in the real world, just look at all the amazing authors and writers I’ve been able to connect with!


There are so many of them! Young writers like the teen team, and even younger bookworms like Paisley (our soul member of the kidlit team), and Liz, Em, Maggie, and Amanda. I’m so happy to work with so many bookworms and even happier to have the opportunity to interview authors and read their work.

Everyone at RRW has different views on what good books are. We differ on genre preferences. Age categories. You name it. And every last one of us is growing because of it. It’s amazing!

When we started RRW 3 years ago, it was just about pushing ourselves as creative writers. now it’s about claiming our authority in children’s, tween, and teen literature. It’s about being connecting with authors in our field. It’s about connecting with fellow bookworms and bloggers.

And it’s still about learning. I think that’s the best part. Everyone at the project is learning something.

Paisley edits her own videos and take criticism in stride.

The teens work together to create a story and I’ve never had an argument with them about their work. They are in constant contact with each other. They bounce ideas off one another. And they love to explore.

And the adults are a giant pain in my rear and I love every one of them! I can’t wait to see where this project goes in the future.

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