So Many WIPs

I guess the abbreviation might be WsIP, but who would you pronounce that? Wuh-sip? That’s what it is now. Wuh-sip.

In any case – I have one completed draft, a new draft that I’m just starting, and two picture books that I’m working on the art for. The new work is in the note stage. That weird place between having an idea and having a story. So I’m working on vocabulary, setting, character names and what they keep in their pockets, and all that good fun stuff.

On a side note – I didn’t do that for my last MC and now I’m finding that bring her to life is a bit akin to smashing my head into a wall repeatedly expecting it to just be gone. I think part of it, is that she started as part of a short piece – an assignment – that was only a few pages long. I was more consumed with the story that I was with who was in it. I have a lot of work ahead of me to make that draft publishable (even query-able but it’s getting there.)

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