Author Event at Books of Wonder

I took a trip up to Books of Wonder in NYC yesterday and had an amazing time with Magdalyn Ann at the author event there. We met Susan Dennard, Erika Lewis, Kim Ligett, and V E Schwab, all of whom were a pleasure to listen to and had amazing advice.

The leader for the panel asked Round Robin’s questions almost exclusively. Which were:

  • What is the weirdest thing you’ve had to research?
  • What are some of your writing rituals?
  • What is one scene from your draft and that you wish you could have kept?
  • What was the first scene you thought of for your book?

And they answered them all wonderfully!

6Of course, there were also lot’s of laughs. Especially at the research question. Kim Ligett started off telling us all about how she researched cattle breeding and got stuck in the rabbit hole that is…

Wait for it…

Semen guns.

Everyone burst out laughing!

8But I think the best advice was from Victoria Schwab. When asked about her writing rituals she said quite plainly that she has none, because every little thing we “need to write” is really just an excuse not to write. And I love that. So, I’m going to try and just stick with Sacred Time. I will schedule time when I will be writing and that will be it…

…I will probably keep the vanilla candle… It smells like a cinnamon bun.



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