Headed to NYC

Bright and early–Magdalyn Ann and I are headed up to NYC for a small author event at Books of Wonder.

I’m all excitey pants about it. Obviously. Why else would I blog about it?

We’re going to get up there around lunch time and chill until the event starts. I’m hoping to connect with a few more bloggers as well as the amazing authors who will be there. And maybe a rep from TOR and an agent.

You know I need more ways to request books.

I love books.

On a side note–I’ve noticed that I’m running out of business cards for RoundRobinWrites.com. I ordered 500 for BookCon-so I’ve given a lot of them out apparently.

Here’s to networking! And hey-if you’re a YA book blogger (or middle grade-I don’t judge), let me know your website in the comments! I’d love to connect!

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