Work, work, and WORRRRRK!

I’m interested in points of view. I’ve been reading a lot of alternating POV pieces lately and I’m probably going to write a piece about when they work and don’t work and what they do for the story. So if you have any suggestions for good books with alternating POVs please let me know in the comments!

In any case, I’ve started a few new pieces. One is continuing some work that I started at my residency and the other is going to be inspired my family background. I can tell you specifically the era that is going to inspire that too. BUT FIRST! A LITTLE STORY!

Some years back, I was being an @$$hole on Facebook and I looked myself up. Imagine my surprise at finding another Jessica Tuckerman. Well, that Jessica lived in Australia and we got to talking and laughing and such and then her mother and I became friends and started talking family history.

As it turned out, we had a common point in our histories in the 1800’s with a ship’s captain out of Boston. I say ship’s captain, they say pirate. If we’re being honest, I like their version better.

But I’d like to explore the misconceptions in family history and see how they might play out once revealed.

I’m reminded a little of an episode of Frasier where they take their father’s bear clock to the Antique Road Show and think they’re Russian royalty for hot second–only to find out they’re descendants of thieves who looted the palace after the revolt.

I think that could be a fun story to explore–and could even benefit from multiple viewpoints.

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