Would you believe…

I’m still sick. It’s mainly just congestion at this point, but it comes with a nasty cough. There’s nothing like writing or reading and constantly coughing. It’s so gross.

I’ve started re-writing my book into the first person. I didn’t think I’d like it in this POV but I’m noticing that my MC is coming off the page more so… I guess… I don’t hate it… as much.

It’s weird. I enjoyย reading in the first person, but I don’t like writing in it. And I blame my teachers for that entirely by the way. Because you areย never supposed to write in the first person. Gee, thanks.

I think it’s also weird to write in the first person because it’s not actually me. So I feel a little invasive. And while I can clearly see the scene in my head, it’s not my scene to take part in and I feel like I’m interrupting my characters.

I feel like writing in the first person is rude. Reading in the first person is fine, though. I’m just weird.

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