Too Sick To Read

Say what? Yeah. I keep trying to read more books, but my head is pounding and all the Advil, DayQuil, NyQuil, and cold rags in the world can’t seem to get rid of all the aches and the coughing.

There’s just something about coughing into your pages that makes reading not so enjoyable.

I even tried to plugin into my audio books but I had to keep backing up the narration because I was coughing over things.


It’s just as bad as listening to a book while you have your GPS going.

I wanted to record some booktube videos today too, but I can barely hear myself talk, so I imagine amplifying the video wouldn’t do much.

Here’s hoping I feel better soon.Β I should be getting my packet back from my mentor soon and I’m sure there is a lot to fix in my manuscript. But let me tell you how the motivation to attack that is not going to be very high when I want to stay in my bed all tucked up and snuggling with my dogs.

Whatever this is, a cold, the flu, the Black Death, I hope it’s gone soon. I want to get back to reading and writing.

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