Some Reading for the Holidays

cupcakeThe holidays are such a great time for introverts. I typed sarcastically.

Come down stairs and say hello to people, Jessica.

Get out of your room, Jessica.

Put the book down, Jessica.

Unlock this car door, Jessica.

You get the point. But I have books to finish reading and books to finish writing. In fact, I started a new YA piece. Sci Fi this time. But, much like with Charlotte, I’ve got myself a premise and a scene and not much else.

I’m hoping my family’s gift to me this year is some alone time so I can meditate on where this story is going. I need to think about my main character and get to know her. I’m telling her story in first person present so I’ll be in her head more than I was ever in Joanna’s. Plus, I’m only just unraveling the major plot. So it’s barely in planning right now.



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