In True BookWorm Fashion

In the truest representation of bookworms everywhere-I set out to read specific books this month and read…

none of them.

That’s right. Set up a list for me to hit and went-nah. Bought new books and read those instead. Reviews–obviously–to come.

I’m a little further in listening to A Court of Mist and Fury so now I’m half way through it. And OMG the romantic tension. I’m literally screaming in my car like a madwoman: JUST KISS HER ALREADY OMG!

In case you’ve missed the tweets, I’m really into audio books these days. I can listen while I drive, walk, maybe I’ll even go to the gym (ha, ha, ha!). It’s nice to listen while I lay in bed. Although there is that pesky little issue of falling asleep and trying to find where I left off…

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