Between Works

So I started a new story. I KNOW I’M NOT DONE THE OTHER ONE YET! But I kept getting ideas for it and I needed to get them out.

I’m hoping getting down the ideas and scenes for this new middle grade idea will let me work on Charlotte more fluidly. Right now, everytime I sit down to finish her story–my brain takes a little walk and I can’t concentrate. Or I just have nothing. A grand zilch.

I’ve also noticed something aesthetically about my work: I like the color green.

Vibrant greens, mind you. Like fluorescent light vibrant. Both an observation and a hint about my other work.

Can I just say one last thing? I also have ideas for the next books in the Charlotte series. And they’re also interfering with this ending.

And now I’m doing research into fashion and procrastinating on the second project. So much procrastination.

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