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What is it about this last stretch of the book that is just so hard to finish? I’m worried that I’ll rush the ending even though I’ve just spent 42,000 words setting it up. Maybe it’s because I’m aiming for 50,000 and I feel pressured by the word limit. And I know there’s no harm in going over that limit… I feel like I have to hit that though. Especially since I want to go back and pepper in some slice of life scenes to add to these characters.


Also I want to finish this book because I have an idea for a middle grade piece and I really want to explore that but I don’t want this one to fall away.

I’m finally revealing who the murderer is, but because I’ve known it all along I’m not surprised. But it has to be… that person… because reasons. But I’m also wondering if they’ve found enough clues. So I think I’ll go back and sprinkle a few more in. And add in a red herring. Well… an additional red herring.

Okay, I’ve goofed off enough today-back to drafting.

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