Archery Life


Something I haven’t shared in a while is my archery results. Mostly because when I hurt my back I wasn’t shooting much. Well, now that my back is better, and all in place, I’m actually shooting again.
And my God do my arms hurts.

I haven’t used these muscles in a year and they are very angry with me. BUT I’m okay with it. You might wonder as to why. And I will tell you.

They are just sore. I’m not in pain. This is something ice will mend. And tomorrow I will wake up a little tender and then Friday I won’t care.

I shot for an hour and a half today. I’m already lasting a little longer before my arms start to shake and I can’t pull my bow all the way back. Ive only been back a week and I’m already improving.

So the soreness feels nice. Because I know it will pass.