Working On My Books

I actually got some writing in today! Always nice to be able to announce that. I’m getting closer and closer to revealing the killer and hitting that 50k mark. Then all that will be left to do is edit it all. I say like that won’t be the heftiest part of it.

My characters are in full clue mode now, but I’ve been going back an adding in some extra classroom scenes. It’s a school but I haven’t really stayed in the classrooms so much as the hallways. Granted-I don’t have much reason to stay in the classrooms when it’s just English, Math, and Science, but I’d still like to visit these spaces a little more than just-hey a thing happened but we’re in the hallway now.

I’m just under 39k right now. And the reveals are coming pretty fast. So these will probably all get moved in the editing process. But I’m happy with my progress. Maybe I’ll write some more tonight while I’m out getting wings. IT’S NATIONAL WING DAY!

Food is the best inspirational material.

That’s another thing I need to fix. I need to add more about the food, I think. Really make people taste the pot roast.

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