Big Interview on Monday!

excitedI am super excitey pants right now! Don’t forget-I’m a google result for excitey pants, so I have to use that as often as possible. It’s my claim to fame!

But go ahead and ask me why I’m excited.

Jessica, we can totally see the title of this post. You have an interview on Monday.

You’re darn tootin’ I do! AND IT’S AT HARPER COLLINS! That’s right. I actually have an interview at Harper Collins. To work with HarperTeen and Harper Children’s and EpicReads. Do you realize how amazing that is?

It’d be even more amazing if you got the job!

You are correct! So send some happy thoughts out into the world for me, because this would literally be a dream come true. All I want to do with work in children’s publishing and this is the first step. I’m going to make a whole bunch of life long readers!

I’m so excited! I’m gonna add another exclamation point for emphasis!!!!!!!!! Okay, that’s ten. But I’m really excited!

I’ll blog more about it on Monday.

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