Rumors of My Death have been Greatly Exaggerated

I SWEAR I’M ALIVE! I’m just reading a lot lately and I post all my reviews on Round Robin these days.

I’m also still writing my novel. Anyone else feeling like that’ll never get done? Yeah? Well get out cause I’ve only got 13,000 words left before I start sending out queries.

I’m actually editing pages 121-206. My first drafts are always crap and a little painful to read. I’ve noticed I tend to have a very formulaic Β style in my first drafts. Person verbs noun, as noun verbs. It’s pretty ugly to read through in the afternoon, to be honest.

But outside of that I’m working hard on building Round Robin Writes (queue shameless promotion). We’re actually looking for additional staff members. We have two main teams, one is made of writers between 14 and 18 years old and the other is for those who are over 18. We’re actually hoping to build up our bookstagram, booklr, and booktube with content from every one so if you know any teens or adults (preferably those in college looking to expand their portfolios), send them over to

Speaking of the instagram account for RRW. I finally found glasses that fit the birds (thanks to Christy Sloat to gave me the idea to get Barbie glasses). So now I can official photograph Leo and Leona reading the books that we’re all reading. It’s super adorable!

And I’m obviously having way too much fun with it. We’ve also delegated the social media responsibilities. So now everyone has a platform. I still look over everything so that it’s not all willy-nilly but it’s much easier for me to get content out now.

I have a whole new slew of ARCs coming in and I can’t wait to read them. And photograph the birds with them. I have a problem.

I don’t care.

I love setting up the little scenes and creating a story about these birds. It’s too much fun!

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