So Much Reading

I’m officially out of scheduled book reviews! And scheduled posts for that matter. But I have PLENTY to read, believe me. My Bookcon haul is so expansive that it doesn’t fit on my bookshelf.

All the more reason to get a new bookshelf. Or an additional bookshelf!

My room isn’t big enough for another bookshelf though and I’ll be moving out soon, in theory, so I can get a shelf then. Till then, I’ll have to make due with some spare closet space.

I’d love to make a little reading nook in my closet. Stupid clothes are in the way.

But the point of this post is not to tell you that I have a lot of books. Just to let you know that I might be absent for a little bit, while I finish some books for review and work on Round Robin Writes.

I’ve been applying for jobs everyday. Hoping I get an interview somewhere… eventually. Preferably soon.

In the meantime, I’m 15k words away from finishing my novel. Well, the first draft anyway.

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