1 Week into the Road

If you follow me on Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, or Instagram (Or Round Robin Writes on Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, or Instagram) then you know that Magalyn Ann and I are out on the most epic of road trips.

20160512_095206.jpgLast Thursday, I graduated with my MA in Writing from Rowan University. Now, I get to display my name as Jessica M Tuckerman, MA. How cool is that? Any who, I didn’t get to walk across the stage because they were running an hour behind and I had to catch our first train.

The first train out of New York was a nightmare. A woman who needed to get off in Dayton kept lying about someone sitting next to her so she could have the whole seat, then she was incredibly loud all night, listening to music at full volume without headphones while the rest of the car is not only trying to sleep, but trying to sleepΒ next to someone.

When she finally got off there was a woman who got on and decided toΒ yell about how there were no seats on our car. Our entire car was asleep–or at least trying to.

But before we knew it we were watching the sunrise over Toledo.

20160513_123221.jpgAnd then we were in Chicago.

BookCon was satisfying but I was left wanting a lot more since it was only one day. I definitely went home with a healthy helping of books (which actually came with me to Seattle, give me a second), but I feel like I didn’t see as many authors, didn’t go to as many panels, I didn’t even get to any meet-ups this year.

img_20160514_214929.jpgAfter the con, Maggie and I wanted to send our book haul home from the hotel, but the hotel didn’t have any boxes and the UPS store was already closed. So I packed all my books away in my suitcase Tetris style and they came with us to Seattle.

We couldn’t check into our hotel right away so we just just left our luggage there and wandered to the UPS store around the corner. Where I dropped $50 on shipping for all the books I had from BookCon. Many of which were signed.

img_20160517_131725.jpgWhile we were walking back to the hotel, where we planned to at least sit and relax for a little bit, we got a phone call about being able to check-in. After getting all of our baggage upstairs we headed out to lunch at the space needle. A miracle considering both Maggie and I are afraid of heights.

The food was amazing and getting to see the city from that height made for some awesome pictures.

I stayed relatively caffeinated in Seattle seeing as there is a Starbucks on every corner. Soooo many frappucninoes. We stopped by the EMP Museum and had a blast inside! There was a fantasy, sci-fi-, and horror world exhibit, in addition to an amazing sound and music exhibit. I cannot wait to post photos of that.

20160520_173753.jpgFrom Seattle went down to San Francisco and stayed with my Aunt Jean and Uncle Alan. We walked along Rockaway Beach and Devil’s Pass, then went to the Academy of Sciences that evening for a night life event. I love that museums are doing these events now. The Franklin does Science After Hours and I love going.

20160520_135318.jpgOn Friday, Aunt Jean dropped us off in Pier 39. We explored that, Fisherman’s Wharf, and Ghiradelli Square. Needless to say I have no chocolate left.

Now we’re en route to Chicago again, where we will be for about five hours assuming we aren’t late, and then we’re off to New Orleans.

I wish I could post more but I’ve had to use my phone as a hot spot in order to get online because the California Zephyr and the Empire Builder (our longest train rides) did not have wi-fi.



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