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Today is a most joyous of days. As you read this-I am walking up to receive my diploma. Well–my mock diploma–the real one will come in the mail in like a month or so. Actually, I might already be on the train. Depends on when you read this. And I might not have walked if the ceremony was taking too long but I digress.

Getting my MA has been such an exhausting journey but here I am at the end. During my time at Rowan, I helped to charter three clubs: Gaming Club, Archery Team, and Writing Arts Club; I helped my friends and fellow students with their undergraduate portfolios; I worked hard and graduated Magna Cum Laude for both Undergrad and Grad; I came out alive on the other end of a lot of drama; I got engaged (for which I had the easiest part in); I wrote and fixed roughly 30,000 words for my thesis and then I wrote more and fixed it all over again; I interned at Quirk Books and I’m still going!

I did a lot for my internship at Quirk and even blogged about it all, which you can read here. Below are links to the blog posts which I created images for and even some that I drafted myself.

I am so thankful for the opportunity I had with Julie and Nicole and I’m going to miss everyone at Quirk and Rowan a whole bunch.


Posts I Made Images For


Book Recommendations for the Bennet Family

Advice from Literary Characters for the New Year

Quirk’s Top Viewed Post for January!

Senior Superlatives for Pride and Prejudice Characters

February Quirk Perks


PPZMovie Newsletter

5 Aliens We Wouldn’t Mind Getting Abducted By


Star Crossed Lit Lovers

Then there was the week that I worked on promotion for the Hillary Rodham Clinton Presidential Playset…



To promote Kid Athletes after the Super Bowl

Short Stories We Wish Were Made into Short Films

Recommended Literary Roles for Leonardo DiCaprio

To Commemorate Harper Lee on February 18th, 2016

Social Media Images for Women’s History Month

Geek Girl Squad Goals of Literature: Teen Edition

Irish Authors


Mutant Abbey


March Newsletter-Geek Parenting Tumblr Debut



Printable Fangirl Quote Cards

10 Books to Inspire Your Spring Cleaning


3 Irish Creatures Who Also Deserve Note


The Ultimate Whimsically Beautiful Little Prince Tattoos

Quirk History: When Hauntings Made Real News

#Squadgoals in Contemporary Lit


 5 Characters Who Would Make the Best Traveling Companions

YA Titles Adapted from Hans Christian Anderson

April Quirk Perks


Meet Quirk at Emerald City Comic Con 2016

Foxes in Books


Siblings in Pop Culture

April 2016 Newsletter

Jersey Shore Cookbook Bookstagram Images


Last Call at Nightshade Lounge Bookstagram Image

Ramona at Age 30

5 Babysitter’s Club Books that Kimmy Schmidt Would Love


5 Slam Poets for National Poetry Month


Life Hacks for your Library


Bookish Garden Accessories

Five Fantastic Fictional Flowers

The Best Planet Protectors in Literature

Four Teen Adaptations of Shakespeare’s on Our Wish List

Book Recs for Captain Planet

Self-Help Books for Shakespeare

Friend Recommendations for Game of Thrones Characters

Literary Characters Who Could be on Reality TV


Happy Birthday Billy Shakes!


Give Me a Head Full of Hair

 Blog Posts Written by Yours Truly

5 Unique Journals to Inspire Your Creativity in the New Year

Worst Case Scenario: Surviving Snow and Ice


Grammy Nominated Songs for Book Characters

Excerpts I drafted from Stuff Every Graduate Should Know

A Guide to Laundry Tag Symbols

Make a Meal Plan Like a Boss

Pro-tips for Building a Grown-Up Wardrobe

I cut this post down from 2,000 words. It’s the only reason I’m putting it under things I wrote.

Ominous Warnings in Our 3 Favorite Fantasy Book Series



Don’t forget about when I went to the #PPZMovie screening in University City, Philadelphia, PA.


By J. M. Tuckerman

J.M.Tuckerman is a neurodivergent writer with a big education. She holds an MFA in Writing for Children and Young Adults, an MA in Writing, and a BA in Writing Arts (specializing in Creative Writing, New Media Writing, and Publication; concentrating in New Media Production), which she somehow managed to earn despite her three very loud and large dogs. Jessica was lucky enough to intern at Quirk Books and Picador, USA while earning her master’s degrees. Her service dog, Ringo, is very proud of all that she has accomplished and hopes to be on a back cover of a published book with her very soon. An avid reader, writer, and lover of young adult and middle-grade literature, Jessica’s bookshelf is overflowing with hardbacks, paperbacks, and a million half-filled notebooks. She is a proud fur-mommy to two lab/st-bernard littermates, a retriever-mix service dog, and one orange little hobgoblin cat, all of whom have made very audible appearances on the Booked All Night podcast.

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