End of the Last Week

ladymacbethI had to ask for this to be my last week at Quirk Books. Which is sad because I’m enjoying it and learning so much, but also very much needed with my thesis due in just a week and symposium fast approaching. My project has been hard to do since my advisor got sick and went up to Maine. And while there have been people who have helped, the bulk of it has been done on my own.

In this last week at Quirk I, of course, drafted blog posts.

I also sorted out some left over books and tried to find space for them in the book room. I only had one box left before I ran out of space!

I have a hugeΒ My Best Friend’s Exorcism mailing to send out, but I don’t have enough mailers–and I’m beginning to suspect I don’t have enough labels either. Going to make that hard to do. At the very least, I’m going to get the labels all set up so that Lauren, the other intern, doesn’t have to do that on her own.


Some of the posts I made images for this week are pretty hilarious. Books recs for Captain Planet, friendship pairings for Game of Thrones characters, and self-help book recs for Shakespeare characters. (If ever there were characters who needed it, huh?)

waldenspondThis will, obviously and unfortunately, be my last post about my internship. I’m very grateful to have had the opportunity to be here and I know that I’ve improved my skills and learned a lot about blogging, design, marketing, and collaboration. Also about finding books. Because that can be really hard.

Keep an eye out for my master post, publishing on May 12th, 2016. It will contain all of the images that I created for various blog posts during my time at Quirk and even links to some posts that I wrote myself.


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