End of Week #14

JSCBinsta2It’s pizza day! And I brought lunch today. Because I like fried chicken and I’ve been making it like all week.

Another crazy week filled with mailings and blog posts and giphy–oh my!

I finally had time to return to the taxonomy project on Wednesday. I haven’t been able to even look at it since before Spring Break. It’s not something that I can do quickly since I don’t know the books that well. I often have to go look for the book in the book room to see how it’s laid out, so that I can accurately tag it as reference or non-fiction. But even then, sometimes it’s hard to pick one.

Multiple tags work for things that fall into LGBT and Love&Relationships, but some of the books that have been published are fairly–if you’ll forgive the pun–quirky. And it’s been hard to narrow it down.

I made some Instagram photos today for Jersey Shore Cookbook and Last Call at Nightshade Lounge. That’s always fun to stand up on chairs to take pictures. Also super fun to create the sets for the images. I must’ve looked like a weirdo carrying all the shot glasses and wine glasses down to the conference room for Last Call at Nightshade Lounge…. weird or like an alcoholic…

I also made some funny images for a post going up next week for Beverly Cleary’s 100th birthday. ramonatriestorememberhercombination


I’ll tell what’s getting really scary. There are only about three posts left between this and an enormous post detailing EVERYTHING I’ve done here at Quirk Books.  Which means there’s only a few weeks between this post and my symposium. Which means I’m a little on edge right now.

I can’t believe how fast this whole semester and my internship have gone by. I feel like it’s only been a week! Because I have no concept of time–apparently.

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