Shadowhunters Episode 11 ★☆☆☆☆

shadowhunters-TV-19-720x480Another week, another episode of Shadowhunters. Let’s try to get through this as best we can.Picking up where we left off last we week we find Jace’s father in a locker in Valentine’s old hideout. Right off the bat–super fishy. Why didn’t I believe for a second that this wasn’t Valentine? Because he was just so handy with the information. He literally just vomits off why he’s there and alive.

And this comes back to pacing, because the Shadowhunters writers obviously don’t want to spend time letting us speculate. Which has been incredibly aggravating. And of course, within this one episode, Clary figures out that Mr. Wayland is actually Valentine.

We were also privvy to Isabelle’s trial this episode. Magnus represents Isabelle before the Clave and together they make a stand against the prejudices that are contained within the Shadowhunters’ law. Which is all fine and dandy, until Lydia chimes in.

2ae908ba046b3d4ab8baf8cf0dcf“This is ridiculous. I’m dropping all the charges.”

Well, of course she doesn’t have the power to do that and Isabelle is found guilty and will be punished unless Jace and Clary return the cup.

Now before I get to the gross part of this episode, let’s talk about Clary again.

Clary, who has no training as a Shadowhunter, casts a glamour spell on a mug and changes it to look like the Mortal Cup. Good for her. Good for perfect her. This girl never screws up and it makes me want to punch her because she’s cocky about it. “Oh, ha, ha, ha I knew you were Valentine! Psych! I switched the cups! Okay, guys you can stop now.”

Oh right, that last bit is actually a line. That’s what Clary says to the demons trying to get into the room where Clary, Jace, and Valentine are holed up. “Okay, guys you can stop now.”

e19832f9-ca72-44af-9bae-4ea0297ccdfeThat’s how she commands an army of demons at her door.

How anti-climactic of her.

Finally, Valentine announces that Jace and Clary are actually brother and sister. Five seconds of consideration will tell you this is a lie. And all we have to do is think back to the previous episode when her family was a family. She and Jace weren’t related in that universe and all the other relationships were the same. Also, why would Valentine tell the truth?

At least, they acted appropriately shocked and disgusted when they found out. Even though it’s blatantly not true.

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