Shadowhunters Ep 8 ★★☆☆☆

This week on Shadowhunters, Clary Fray doesn’t check her phone messages. Evident with in the first few minutes of the episode.

“Oh Simon, I’ve got so much to tell you, so sorry I don’t seem to have the ability to listen to voicemail.”

I may have embellished the quote a little.

Oh but she does eventually actually listen to the voicemails, the many voicemails, that Simon left on her phone. And it’s what–days–weeks–later?

I don’t know about you but those little notification icons drive me nuts. Clearly Clary doesn’t care. About the icons or her friends until–oh no!–he’s pretty much dead. Clary, being the surviving friend, is of course faced with the question of turning her friend into a vampire or giving him a merciful death. Well, we can’t choose to let our friends die–obviously–so she makes a decision for him that–had she attentively listened to the voicemails–she might have known he wouldn’t like.

shadowhunters ep 7Perhaps the only redeeming moment for Clary is that she at least tried to tell Simon’s mother that he wouldn’t be coming home.

Moving on, we’ve got a new character. Because why bother wrapping up the other loose ends before jamming yet another arch into this show? And she’s “a little… abrasive.”

And what would an episode of Shadowhunters be without a passively delivered big reveal? The Lightwoods were circle members? Whaaaaaaat?

And let’s see how we deal with that: a brief throw to the Alec/Magnus relationship and a quick bout of pouting from Alec.

I don’t think I have a sigh big enough to really convey how disappointed I am with this show.

Let’s try though.


Some things move so fast, some information is literally vomited upon us, and we’re on episode 8 without clear settings, directions, and each relationship is simultaneously shallow and deep.

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