REVIEW: Shadowhunters Ep 5 ★★☆☆☆

4eacd9b29257141cfb9c99a9fd172d0fThis… was the worst episode of Shadowhunters that I’ve seen yet. Where do I begin here?

I guess I’ll start with the setting. The Institute. The mysterious institute of–what exactly? Because that hasn’t really been explained or revealed in the TV show. Oh, we’ve seen some random “girl” training with Hodge (but seriously the actress looked well into her thirties–aren’t these supposed to be teens?), but other than that the “Institute” is just a bunch of computer screens.

Next lets latch onto Simon, who is now annoying and a vampire (or at least transitioning into one). First, the whole “my best friend loves me and I don’t know it” character arc is so overplayed that it’s a miracle the record even plays noise at this point. Second, since you can obviously glean my disdain for that story line–we get to see it twice because of Alec and Jace. But back to Simon-funny just to be funny and so–not funny.

Seriously-in this last episode, while explaining that he was being held captive in a Chinese restaurant-he just feels the need to comment on their inexpensive cocktails. It’s bad dialogue like that that pops people out of the story. And it certainly did push me right out of the urgency of the situation.

1280x720-CogSimon’s character serves what purpose, exactly? To show that Clary is desirable? Because one guy being interested in her is not enough it has to be two? A girl can only be interesting if more than one person is after her?

Oh let us not forget about the newest addition to our ever growing cast: Mrs. Lightwood. Who just pops in from the Shadowhunters realm. SHe’s there to let everyone know that everyone is breaking the rules, even though we already have characters telling us it’s against the rules to go out on missions without permission.

Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaand there’s werewolves. And in yet another totally rushed minor arc: Luke is back! And he’s good! And he’s also a werewolf! Look at him help Clary! No, we can’t trust you! You saved us and you’re the new alpha! Wait don’t die!

x240-FP5The writers here need to learn a little about pacing and timing. Toward the beginning of the episode–Magnus calls Alec (when did he even get the phone number?) and asks him out for drinks. But wait–Clary ran away–and so this fun little tidbit is just up in the air and never revisited within this episode.

So why even bring it up?

It’s just distracting.

If I were reading this– it would feel like I was only getting half chapters. Like we’re starting all these stories and then jumping straight into another one without ever coming back down to resolve something. And with regards to the search for her mother–that’s fine. But we’re five episodes in–five chapters for those of us equating this to a book–and thus far there are roughly seven stories to follow.

Step up the game people.


By J. M. Tuckerman

J.M.Tuckerman is a neurodivergent writer with a big education. She holds an MFA in Writing for Children and Young Adults, an MA in Writing, and a BA in Writing Arts (specializing in Creative Writing, New Media Writing, and Publication; concentrating in New Media Production), which she somehow managed to earn despite her three very loud and large dogs. Jessica was lucky enough to intern at Quirk Books and Picador, USA while earning her master’s degrees. Her service dog, Ringo, is very proud of all that she has accomplished and hopes to be on a back cover of a published book with her very soon. An avid reader, writer, and lover of young adult and middle-grade literature, Jessica’s bookshelf is overflowing with hardbacks, paperbacks, and a million half-filled notebooks. She is a proud fur-mommy to two lab/st-bernard littermates, a retriever-mix service dog, and one orange little hobgoblin cat, all of whom have made very audible appearances on the Booked All Night podcast.

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