End of Week #5

img_20160201_171141.jpgSo Monday was incredibly wet. The walk back to 8th&Market from Church Street (roughly five blocks) was spotty up until I hit 7th… and then I was very cranky and cold and wet. I also had–quite possibly–the furthest possible parking spot at the train station.

I think the real snafu on Monday was the mail machine which decided it just wasn’t going to work. So I didn’t get any mailings out–because I couldn’t stamp anything–which put me behind on Miss Peregrine calendars (of which there are many), ARCs of two books, and special prizes from a Star Wars giveaway.

That’s a lot I’d have to take care of on Wednesday.

If I didn’t have to call out sick.

20160204_182110.jpgWednesday was a hard day and Tuesday was a hard night. I’d been feel run down for a few days and thought sleeping in on Tuesday, my only day off, would help. And it did. For Tuesday. When I got home from class Tuesday night I started feel that achy feeling again and then my throat decided to be dry and sting me every time I swallowed something.

And then I woke up like that on Wednesday. So I called out. The last thing I need to do at an internship is be patient zero.

Thursday, I went in to Philly to go see the #PPZMovie with everyone at Quirk and had a bloody lovely time! Lauren, Kristen, and I all sat together after we’d finished handing out tote bags and getting our food.

20160204_185923.jpgWe didn’t stay for the after party, though I wish I had. We were all very tired at 9:00pm, becaue apparently we’re all very adult now and have to go to bed early. But I’m glad I went home and went to bed so that I was well rested for Friday.

When the train I took into the city was suddenly not in service anymore after only one stop. Still have no idea what that was about.

Anyone else noticing a pattern there?Β At least once a week I have an issue getting into Philly, but always somehow manage to be on time? Go me!

In any case, today has been filled with a Blog Sky meeting, blog posts, the #PPZShelfie contest (which ends today so go enter it!), queueing up tumblr, and perusing through pictures from last nights screening.

All in all, I’m having a great time!


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