End of Week #3

20160123_084040.jpgThis was a very mail heavy week. Although not on Monday. Since we were closed. I, however, did not know that Quirk was closed and made my commute in. Usually someone let’s me in around 9:20am, so I kept ringing the bell. When 9:30am rolled around and I still wasn’t in the building I left a note in the door telling them I was at the coffee shop.

I tried the bell again about 10 minutes later.

Bottom line–super cold–cold walk home. BUT I did get to have nap time with the puppies. So warm and cozy.

Wednesday was mostly blogs, research, and analytics.

On Friday, I met the new intern! And she, Kristen (the old intern), and I had a packing party at which we talked about our old man crushes.

I wrote a blog post! Which you can find here. And it snowed like crazy here. Seriously, there’s about 2 feet of snow on the ground. Even my dogs can’t walk through it and they’re big girls!

It’s super cute to watch them hop through the snow trying to find a place to potty. But my dogs have nothing to do with my internship!

Which is going swimmingly. Everyone is really nice at Quirk. I’d love to work there.

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