Day 3: Spring Cleaning


I’m writing this on the train on my way in for Day #4. It’s about 30* outside and I can’t feel much of my face save for my wind burnt cheeks and runny nose. In fact, I’m typing it on my phone before I forget to draft it period, so please forgive the many errors you are bound to find.
I met Kristen on Friday, the publicity intern. Friday is the only day that we share office space and we learned I’m going to need to be on the Mac since the PC doesn’t come with Photoshop. We were both fairly into our mornings before I saw – roughly – 9 emails about the bagels in the kitchen. They were delicious by the way but now I’m pretty sure everyone knows I chew bagels like a cow.
I co-authored a blog post! I’ll have to post the link later so you can all check it out.
The heaviest part of my day, however, was moving ARCs from the bookshelf to either the book room or the mail room. I think I moved about 8 boxes of Warren the XIIIth. And then found even more of him amongst other ARCs. He’s pretty heavy for such a little guy.
But I was moving them to make room for spring line so that we can send out new/upcoming books.
And thus ended my day! So now I’m on the train – as I said – on my way to day #4.

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