Internships and Trips

wpid-img_20151119_152521.jpgMy internship starts Monday! That is all.

Just kidding.

I’m really excited for this internship, it is a huge opportunity for me to get experience outside of editorial–which I have in abundance from class I might add.
I also might add that I am going to be powered almost exclusively by coffee over the next few months.

DSC_0191On Mondays especially. Mom gave me agility classes for Christmas, so on Monday’s I will get off the speedline, Mom will give me my dog, and then Belle and I will head to class. It’s going to be a little nuts and I’m going to have to remember to bring running clothes–or at least running shoes.

And I’m also planning out this train trip with Maggie! Which we are both very excited for! New York, Chicago, Seattle, San Francisco, New Orleans, and then home!

RTTL-Map-Initial-View-NEWAnd yes I will blog about all of it.

And yes I will post pictures of it.

On a side note, I still need to get all of my things together for Rosemont… don’t judge me. I’ve been busy.

word-vomitBusy writing 20,000 words!
I can’t believe how much this story has changed. It’s mind blowing. And it’s sooooo long now! It started out as just a sweet little short story for my Children’s Lit class. And now look at it-well on it’s way to the 50,000 word mark.

The characters have changed, the setting has expanded and become more defined, and the plot-my God-the plot has gotten so dark. And crazy.

And all I want to do is tell you all about it.

But… you know… I want you to read it…

So I can’t tell you squat.tumblr_inline_mzqh3ex1U21rju2ib

Except that it is currently 20,000 words.

Hooray for Jessi!

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