Look at All That Content

So many pieces of quote art, images from picture books I’m working on, I had writing prompts–what is going to take me through the last semester of school?

I am starting to get back into animating in Photoshop, perhaps I could make some gifs? But I doubt I’d be able to get 15 together before the semester starts. Plus, I wouldn’t even know what to animate, you know?

Maybe I’ll get a drawing tablet and do some that way. Flip board style and what have you.

I like that I have a lot on this blog. I know I’ve blogged about it before but some people have asked me why I blog about so many different things. I had book reviews, writing prompts, blogs about my own writing, classwork, graphic design, photography, and illustrations.

Well, I can do all of those things. This is here to show my talents off and to keep them up to date.

What’s the point of having the skills if I don’t keep them sharpened? I’m not just a writer. I’m a lot of things. A lot of talented things. And it’s nice to show off.

But back to my original point here: What should I put together for all of you while I’m in school next semester?


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J M Tuckerman is a New Jersey-based writer, blogger, and podcast talent. Tuckerman holds a BA in Writing Arts, an MA in Writing, and an MFA in Writing for Children and Young Adults. She is a proud dog mom, cat mom, archer, wife, and passionate book wyrm.

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