Some Quality Camera Time

13963796394_6aa3ef6ea4_zI can’t remember the last time I just went out with my camera and took some photos. In fact, the last time I posted any photography was Christmas last year. And so I feel that I am loooooooong over due.

I already have some ideas. Which involve me staying inside my house–because it suddenly decided to be October today.

But no, I’m probably going to take my camera, my tripod, and myself out to a park and do some self portraits and nature shots. Maybe I’ll even take my dog and get her to run around like a little maniac. Which should be too hard. You just un-hook her leash and then BOOM there she goes.

13963236795_140275da98_zI find as I get busier with school that my art gets moved to the back burner. So I’m especially happy that Thanksgiving break is coming and I will have a few days of… well… turkey. The holidays aren’t really peaceful.

But it will give me time to just get out and get some photos, make new Robins, and–God willing–write another 10,000 words for my Masters Project.

Plus, I think having some pictures will help me set the scene better. Also taking a break from writing always helps. It’s the distance that I really care about. I think we artists need it every once in a while. Otherwise we binge on our talent and it stops being something we enjoy and starts being something we resent.

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