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So as not to leave you all high and dry, I am currently scanning in lots of quote art (see my last post Summer is Ending for some previews) to be scheduled for your viewing pleasure. I’m finding that I hate my scanner and that it is not scanning the images the way that I want them to come out. Everything is so bright and I don’t seem to have the power to adjust that outside of Photoshop.

But whatever, the point is that I did them.

After I hurt my back and binge watching M*A*S*H and Xena lost its appeal, I invested in a journal and began designing at least one quote per day. I was posting them to Instagram but eventually life became life and I found myself very busy.

I did not, however, stop designing the quotes. After I missed a week of posting the quotes on Instagram I resolved to just post them here. 

They’ll start in about a week when school starts for me. As you all know I don’t find a lot of time to blog while I’m in school (although I do try and will try again this semester), so I like to have some posts for you all to look at. Also it helps because it doesn’t look like I just dropped off of the face of the earth (which it totally does to all my friends. “Where’s Jess?” “It’s school season.” “Oh, I guess I’ll just get in touch in May.” “It’s for the best.”).

I stuck to quotes about writing, then decided I wanted inspirational quotes, then decided I wanted quotes about reading, then decided I wanted any quote I liked. It’s a logical progression. Obviously.

Am I pleased with all of them?


I am proud that I did them though. I think that’s just as important. And I don’t plan on stopping. I really am determined to fill up the whole journal. And I’m on a good role. I just keep the journal and a tote bag full of sharpies with me all the time. It’s great to do while waiting for my food at diners, just relaxing on the couch, and I imagine wonderful to pass the time while I wait for class in the hallway at school.

In any case, it’s 12:36AM and I have things to scan (as I mentioned). So good night and I can’t wait for you all to see these design posts.

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