Summer is Ending

wpid-img_20150704_132124.jpgI’ve been a very busy bee this summer. I bet you’re thinking “Whatever happened to the vlogs you were doing, Jess?” And I will tell you: adult life.

After the third Casavloga episode all I did was go to work and write more of my thesis project. Which means all I have are video clips of me in the car on the way to and from work talking about my thesis project.

And I imagine you don’t want to watch what is pretty much the same episode week after week.

Eventually I just didn’t have the time to edit the videos, especially since I didn’t have much to say in most of them except, “On my way to work… again…”

wpid-img_20150721_105747.jpgOn the note of my thesis project (you knew I had to talk about it), I’ve crossed over the 20,000 word mark. Which means that I’m well over the 10,000 word requirement for the upcoming semester. The whole idea is that instead of generating content for the semester, I can sit back and revise. And I’d rather revise than generate.

“But, Jess!” you say. “I don’t know what your thesis project is about!”

Well, let me tell you:

Joanna Watson has just been accepted to her dream school, Baker Street Preparatory, after the previous scholarship winner (and several other students) are expelled. On her first day she meets Charlotte Holmes, the school’s resident problem solver and social pariah, who fills Joanna in on the cyber crimes being used to frame model students.

Joanna learns that there are a lot of questions surrounding the expulsions, like, how did someone get a month’s worth of dress code violations in two days?

Joanna’s first few weeks are pretty standard for a new student, get books, meet students, meet teachers, figure out who the school bully is, and find the dead body of a student everyone thought had gone home after he was expelled.

Wait, what?

Now, Joanna and Charlotte are trying to catch a hacker turned killer and they are running out of time. The school year is almost over and they are both receiving notes tell them to stop… or else.

wpid-img_20150726_091339.jpgMy crappy synopsis aside, I’m actually starting to get very confident about it. It’s been really fun to watch it evolve over time. Originally it was just a short middle grade story for my Writing Children’s Stories class and it has since evolved from the original story of The Vampire of Baker Street Prep in which students started a rumor that the art teacher was a vampire to its current incarnation: a YA mystery thriller.

There are still kinks in it that are lingering from when it was a middle grade piece. For example, some areas still describe Joanna in her sixth grade year and other scenes put her on the bus ride home instead of walking back to her dorm. BUT I’M FIXING IT AND THAT’S IMPORTANT!

And then I can start drafting a query letter that’s as bad as my cover letters and sit back and wait for a slew of rejection emails (which are so much easier to file than the printed ones).

“But Jess! Why is the title of the post Summer is Ending?”

wpid-img_20150717_131325.jpgMy, you’re impatient.

Well, summer is ending. It’s the middle of August, Back to School sales are everywhere, and all the craft stores have Halloween stuff out. As far as I’m concerned, summer is actually over. And I need to make new banners for Round Robin Writes (which I’ll probably do when I get home from work today).

But, I digress. You can feel the air changing. It’s already getting cooler out during the day. An early fall feeling that’s just gearing us down from that summer high and making sure we know and are mentally prepping ourselves to get back into the working world. It’s the kind of weather that makes me want to sip a latte while I lay in a hammock and read a new book.

“Why don’t you do that in the summer, Jess?”

Because it’s hot out. That’s why. I live in Jersey. My book pages would curl from the humidity, are you kidding me? Or they’d get soaked from how much I’d sweat.

“Ew, Jess! That’s gross!”

You asked.

“I did.”

wpid-img_20150722_143225.jpgThere are three indoor seasons for me: spring, summer, and winter.

And winter isn’t even an entirely inside season. I like being outside in the snow. It’s cold, nothing’s pollinating, and I don’t sweat. It’s very comfortable to me.

What was I walking about? Oh, right. Summer is ending recap post.

I think I’ve said everything really. Stopped doing vlogs because of being an adult, check; ahead of the game for the semester, check; it’s really cool out lately and I’m pretty sure it’s fall already, check.

Oh, and Magdalyn Ann and I went to BookCon to represent Round Robin! And Round Robin opened its doors for new applicants and we took on one! We even tried to get a teen team going but it just didn’t happen since we didn’t get enough teen submissions that we all approved of.

wpid-img_20150602_175212.jpgAnd I moved a few small bookcases into my room and I’ve been working on cleaning out my closet so that I can put some draws in there and get more bookshelves into my room. I need more books. Don’t you?

Yeah, that’s pretty much it.

OH, I’ll be posting quote art this semester as my weekly fillers. If you want to check out the progress art I posted last semester just click here.

By J. M. Tuckerman

J.M.Tuckerman is a neurodivergent writer with a big education. She holds an MFA in Writing for Children and Young Adults, an MA in Writing, and a BA in Writing Arts (specializing in Creative Writing, New Media Writing, and Publication; concentrating in New Media Production), which she somehow managed to earn despite her three very loud and large dogs. Jessica was lucky enough to intern at Quirk Books and Picador, USA while earning her master’s degrees. Her service dog, Ringo, is very proud of all that she has accomplished and hopes to be on a back cover of a published book with her very soon. An avid reader, writer, and lover of young adult and middle-grade literature, Jessica’s bookshelf is overflowing with hardbacks, paperbacks, and a million half-filled notebooks. She is a proud fur-mommy to two lab/st-bernard littermates, a retriever-mix service dog, and one orange little hobgoblin cat, all of whom have made very audible appearances on the Booked All Night podcast.

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