Open Mic Night

11755715_10155896413635192_7088367573722698906_nLast week I went to Open Mic Night at the Treehouse Cafe and read the first chapter in my thesis project, the title of which I have not yet settled on completely.

In May, I will be presenting this project at symposium, a requirement of my MA program in which I read my work, explain why I chose to portray that scene that way and what inspired it, and answer any questions that the audience has about it. Now, these can be any questions.

If they ask “Why did you choose to make Baker Street’s uniform green?” I can answer, “Because I think the combination of green and black is very professional looking.”

If they ask “Given your background in design, have you decided what the cover should be?” I can answer, “I have but I’m not pleased with any of them. I’ve thought about putting the uniform on the front but that’s been overdone. I think if I had to go with a specific scene it would be the first murder, especially since that happens pretty early on so it wouldn’t spoil anything. But I know for a fact, I don’t want any of the main characters on the front.”

11694837_10207634779855492_4865670165965322297_nIf they ask, “That’s a nice pantsuit you’re wearing. Where did you get it?” I can scowl at them and regret inviting my friends to such an occasion.

In the attempt to not end up hysterical about it, I’ve decided to go to as many Open Mic Nights as I can, so that I am forced to not only read in front of people but read the work in question. Β I wish someone had recorded it.

I’ll bring my cameras and such next week and record it so you can all share in my pain.

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