Almost Done

wpid-20150610_184142.jpgWalking still isn’t a forte of mine, but at least I’m moving. I’m back at home with the puppies and my mom and so far everyone has been very nice. Luka Bear, especially, has been my babysitter. She sleeps in my room, gently checks on me at night, waits until I’m all the way down or up the stairs before moving on them, lets me take her outside without pulling me, and has generally been a big ol’ gentle giant. Wish I had this edition all the time.

Belle has been… well… crazy… She’s still pretty gentle but she’s been especially rambunctious. I haven’t had the chance to get her outside yet but I know I’m going to have to get them both outside somehow tomorrow. And I’m going to have to do it one at a time or I’m just going to make my back worse.

I sense someone is going to go in her crate.

wpid-20150721_230115.jpgIn other non-back-pain-related news: Mom signed Luka up for agility too! Now both dogs will get into dog sport! Mom said at the end of Luka’s obedience class she went through the tunnel, but had to crawl because of how big she is. Not going to lie–I wanna see that dog crawl through the tunnel.

Also, tomorrow I am determined to go to open mic night at The Tree House Cafe. Symposium is on its way and I would like to be nice and comfortable reading my work in front of an audience. Granted the open mic audience isn’t going to ask me questions like the symposium audience will but if all I have to worry about is a few questions–then that’s a load off my back.

No pun intended.

wpid-img_20150721_105747.jpgAND ONE….TWO FINAL THINGS! I’ve started to do Quote Art which I’ve been posting once a day on my Instagram (but you can also see the photo if you follow me on Tumblr, Facebook, or Twitter). I’m determined to fill a whole journal with them. Also hoping that the semester (and a hopeful internship at Quirk Books–hoping, hoping, hoping) does not deter me from my challenge.

Lastly, I’ve also begun redrawing all the Nopetopus frames to combine pages and make them all in the same dimensions. Should be super fun to scan some of those in soon and get them colored. If anything, they’ll be the posts you see the most of during my semester. Just like last semester when I posted some progress art.

In any case, it is bed time. And Luka has graciously granted me the bed space to lay down all the way, so I will be taking advantage of that.




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