Back Pain and Hey Look a Shiny…

I am writing this post while on my grandmother’s couch, covered in afghans and laying on ice packs like it’s been my job for the day and a half. A few years ago, I worked at a theater company and fell down the steps after slipping on a hanger. I bruised my coccyx so bad that the muscles around it made huge clouds on my x-ray. Β Then around this time last year I started going to a chiropractor and the issue subsided some.

So it’s not a new injury and it’s not totally Belle’s fault. I mean it kind of is. While we were in agility class on Monday she pulled me hard enough that I think I should be worrying about my rotator-cuff as well as my back. The jolt shot straight into my lower back and the pain just worsened as I ran beside her and bent down to put treats on the floor. By the time I got to my car it was difficult to sit down. I drove to my boyfriend’s house because I wanted to pick up an ice pack, but I was in such pain that Kiel helped me into the house and made me lay down on the couch.

It was close to 11:00pm when I actually got home and I think it took roughly half an hour to get from my car to my bedroom. My mother and Kiel were very helpful and I’m so thankful that they were both there to help me.

On Tuesday, I got an appointment with my chiropractor who could not exam me or realign me because of how swollen my back was and my level of pain. So he turned me over to my primary care physician who proscribed me steroids, percocets, and muscle relaxers.

Needless to say I’ve been eating a lot and find shiny objects to be the most important thing in the universe.Β 

And as anyone who follows me on instgram, facebook, twitter, or tumblr knows–no one has taken my phone from me. And so–I’ve been able to share some wonderful medicine induced thoughts with the world and some pictures of me with a toothbrush in my hair.

I’m on bed/couch rest for a week and will have to wear a back brace if I do any physical activity in the future. I’m especially sad that I cannot see my dogs during this period. Over dinner, my mother told me that Belle has been looking for me and that just makes me very sad. I’m sure seeing my girls would cheer me up a lot but we can’t risk either of them jumping up on me just yet.

Well, I’m in for the night-and hopefully this post isn’t too full of typos or ramblings-and since I can feel the pain meds kicking in, making me simultaneously light as a feather and heavy as a brick, I will go ahead an end this post.



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