I’m So Excitey-Pants

tumblr_inline_mzqh3ex1U21rju2ibYeah, that’s right–I said EXCITEY-PANTS! BookCon 2015 is just a few weeks away and I’m going to get to be in nerdy book heaven. I can already see all of my savings going right out the window… might as well just use it as a bookmark. Don’t care. Books are worth it.

I’m especially excited to spend the weekend with Magdalyn Ann, part of my writer’s flock over at Round Robin Writes (we like puns a little too much, don’t care). I’m going to be staying with her, probably going to vlog a little bit of it with her and I ordered RRW business cards (AND PENS-OMG I’M SO EXCITED FOR THE PENS)lp

I mean look how awesome they look! I hope they write well. I’d love to write EVERYTHING with them. After Maggie and I finished designing the cards I realized that we hadn’t put our hashtag on it. Missed opportunity there. But I like them anyway. There’s enough space that when we order another batch we can add our personal info.

Look how pretty they look. I love the paint splatter logo that we’re using for the summer. It’s going to change again in the Fall but I don’t know to what yet.

SO-I’m wondering-is anyone else going to BookCon 2015? Will I see any of you there? Because that would make a totally awesome post of me with a bunch of people I met at BookCon-and maybe some people will apply to RRW and they’ll be new team members!

Wouldn’t that be awesome?



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