Twisted Dark: Volumes 1&2 ★☆☆☆☆


That is my official response to Twisted Dark by Neil Gibson. The stories, which are pretty plain and slice of life-ish, only turn at the end. They are not, for me, twisted and/or dark. The voice in both pieces is very generic and nothing really reaches out to pull me in.

The writing felt like a first or second draft. No spelling errors anywhere but incredibly boring prose littered down on the page like a garbage truck had tipped over.

My biggest issue is it’s digital format. I hate to come down on a book for format but if you are going to put it on the kindle then make sure to use a resolution that readers can actually read. These were just low resolution images plopped into a file and saved.

cover63649-mediumThe characters felt one dimensional, each short story has a rushed ending, and very little felt unique about each of the tales. An man goes on a walk with his son, except he doesn’t cause the son is dead; a migrant worker makes living conditions worse so he can get the building repaired–it’s just not interesting. And honestly, it’s been done before.


Published by J. M. Tuckerman

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